Harmonic Filter in Rolling Mill

Harmonic Filter and Energy Saving verification

Harmonic Filter slashes energy cost and equipment footprint in rolling mill. It reduces harmonic that it generates at regeneration & improves Distortion PF. This Metal Factory manufactures coils, sheets and plates of copper and bronze for industrial application. It has 2nos Induction Furnaces that melt copper and zinc bar to produce copper and bronze slab. The slabs are then rolled in Hot Rolled Mill (HRM) to produce intermediary hot rolled copper and bronze coil.

Power system at transient stability limits

Power system at transient stability limits:  A 220kV double circuit parallel grid power transmission line-1 and line-2 were supplying to an integrated steel plant with a maximum demand of 500MW. Each 220kv grid incomer PCC was connected to 2sets of 155mva, 220kv/33kv grid transformers.  Power Quality measurements were carried-out at the common 33kv secondary bus, wherein all four grid transformers were connected in parallel. High wind swayed a tree over line-1, about 5km upstream of the steel plant.

Solar Power Inverter with Harmonic Filter

Solar Power Inverter

An automobile industry was facing high incident of harmonic failure in SCADA, motor drive & electrical equipment after installing 1MW solar power inverter. The rated capacity of 1.0MW DC solar power is evacuated through 16Nos, 50kW, 3Phase, 415Volts, 50Hz solar string inverter which itself got affected with the harmonic problem. While designing the solar string inverter a 20% power loss is considered by the solar panel manufacturer for conversion from DC solar panel power to AC power delivered in the 3Ph, 415V, 50Hz electrical power grid.