Power Quality problem

SAIL Alloy Steel Plant, thro' Rockwell Automation Durgapur

2013 West Bengal.

Billet Blooming Mill with 120mw CPP power plant coal fired, grid synchronized at 220kv. The BBM with 2x 25kva, 33kv/6.6kv transformers1,000TPD (each bloom about 4Ton).
Power Systems Study for Rockwell supplied 12pulse Thyristor Converters for BBM.

Usha Martin, Ranchi Jharkhand

2012- 13, Repeat jobs.

500TPD Wire mill and wire ropes. 50TPD bright bars and 7TPD conveyor chord. 2nos 10mw CPP power plant. Root cause analysis of frequent PLC/ MMI/ VFD/DC drive tripping and failures including SQIM/ SRIM/ DCM and bearing.
12% Energy Savings verified with harmonic filter installation. Debottlenecked capacity limitation and enhancesproduction. Eliminated all failures. Supplied 3425A and 2375A harmonic filters.

Pushpit Steels Pvt Ltd, Srikalahasti

2015, Tirupati

Induction Furnace 2nos 14Ton 12mw, 11kv Power Plant
Harmonic and troubleshooting study for root cause analysis. of frequent power plant voltage fluctuations, AVR failures and tripping.

Hans Metals Ltd. Hamirpur

1997, UP

Induction Furnace and TMT bar Rolling Mill plant.
Root cause analysis for electrical and motor failures

Puja Ferro Alloys Ltd. Goa

2004 -2009 Repeat job.

5.5MVA, 33/0.150kv transformer for submerged electrical arc furnace for manufacturing Ferro Alloy.
Installed 1.8mvar, 33kv harmonic filter for troubleshooting transformer HV winding insulation failures due to power system harmonic resonance.

Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Analysis

Abstract: Large continuous process plants are increasingly resorting to use of non linear loads (NLL) such as DC drives, variable speed AC drives, UPS, increased electronic controls etc. to improve performance and productivity of their plants. The plant engineers are increasingly facing unfamiliar problems related to power quality (PQ) mainly problem of distortion of fundamental wave shape and associated effects.  

Eliminate Electrical Failure

Electrical Failure

Abstract: An Electrical Arc Furnace near a hyperactive railway traction line was facing electrical failure from an unusual power quality harmonic distortion problem. The Gigantic 22kA copper bus bar used to overheat visibly red-hot, vibrate audibly loud loosening nuts and bolts and wear out affected plates.

Solve VFD Drive Failure

VFD Drive Failure

Abstract:- An ACSR conductor manufacturing plant was facing high incidence of DC motor and AC VFD Drive Failure due to bad power quality and high harmonic distortion. The company is a world leader in non-ferrous metal industry. It manufactures ACSR conductors for HV and EHV power transmission and distribution lines. It had been facing a high incidence of operational problem across its plants A and B. It affected all electrical and electronic equipment with its conductor making process.

Increase Productivity through Harmonic Solution

Increase Productivity

Abstract- Harmonic solution is an engineer's approach to total productive maintenance (TPM) to Increase Productivity. No stoppage. No breakdown. No quality rejection. A 3500 TCD sugar milling unit was operating at 3000 TCD due to frequent drive stalling problem with dc mill motor. To increase productivity and sugar recovery, it installed a 2000A passive tuned harmonic filter in 2010, at a 3MW 415V Turbine Generator (TG).

Mitigate VFD Harmonic

VFD Harmonic

Abstract - VFD Harmonic forced a power plant to shutdown due to power quality failure. Starting with drive tripping it blasted switch gear, bus bar & electrical panel. This IPP with a 25mw, 11kV, 50Hz power plant and 5000TCD sugar milling unit had completed its first anniversary without harmonic problem. But during 2nd year's operation, it started-off with a massive blast of a 6300A Air Circuit Breaker (ACB). It was at the incomer of an electrical panel. The 415V PCC panel was supplying to sugar plant's process load.