Pulkitt Steel Rolling Mills, Pondicherry

2010 -12, Repeat jobs.

300TPD TMT 8-36mm bar Rolling Mills. Maximum demand 3000KVA. Energy Efficiency SEC 116kWh/Ton for TMT bar rolling mill.
Harmonic and troubleshooting study for root cause analysis

Vandana Global Ltd, Raipur


41mw (33 and 8mw) co-generation power plant, 4nos 12ton Induction Furnaces and SMS, 160ton submerged electric arc furnace for ferro alloys. 700tpd SIP sponge iron and Pellet plant. 35tph TMT-8-32mm/WRM-5.5mm plant.
Troubleshooting analysis carried out for 41mw power plant tripping and blackout issues and frequent electrical and electronic failures with IF, Ferro Alloy, SIP and Pellet and wire rod mill sections.

Enhancing 3P, Power, Productivity, and Profitability; solving drive stalling and increasing sugar recovery

Abstract- A 3500TCD sugar factory installed across 3mw 415v TG four DC Mill drives each 450kw and highly fluctuating cane preparation section's slip ring induction motor loads namely 2nos 560kw Fiberizer, 225kw Leveler and 187kw Chopper. It wanted uninterrupted power export from its 6mw 11kv TG and connected across it stable linear loads of boiling and sugar houses through a set of 3.15mva and 1.5mva, 11kv/415v, Dyn11 transformers.

Problem of electrical blast from VFD harmonics; and a methodology for trouble shooting and increasing productivity

 Abstract - An IPP with a 25mw power plant and a 5000TCD sugar milling unit was facing a power quality harmonic distortion problem that starting with occasional tripping of its power plant eventually forced it to shut down its operation for several days. It had completed its first anniversary without any harmonic problem but during its 2nd years of operation it started off with a massive blast of a 6300A incomer ACB at the power plant's auxiliary PCC panel. Within a span of next 4-weeks it blasted off one by one several other switch gears, ACBs and MCCBs.