Honeywell Technologies, Bangalore

2003 -2010, Repeat jobs.

Three facilities for Avionics systems, product developments and Software Development. Facing equipment tripping and failures. Designed and implemented Earthing Grid System for the facility's data center for solving Avionics lab's chronic electronic failures.
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, space avionics

1999- 2004, Repeat jobs. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited space avionics. Solved DG Synchronization problem.

Avionics equipment manufacturer for defense sector. Problems with incoming power supply at 2x 15mva transformer of 66kv/11kv substation and sets of 2mw, 11kv diesel generator's supply. Solved Synchronization rejection problem with sets of 2mw, 11kv DGs.
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, engine division

2012. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited engine division. To solve drive card failure with Helicopter Engine Manufacturing Process

Helicopter engine division for improving power quality and suppressing harmonics Supplied Harmonic Filter to solve voltage sag (fluctuation) related tripping and eliminate power quality harmonics failure for its sensitive electronics equipment.
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd throu' L&T

1997 at New Delhi International Airport, Job done for BPCL through L&T, Larsen & Toubro.

Aircraft ATF fuelling division. Trouble shooting analysis and provided solution for the ATF pump tripping problem during aircraft fueling at desired pressure
Ashok Leyland Limited, Plant-II

2002. Hosur, Ashok Leyland Limited, Plant-II at Hosur, Tamilnadu.

Automobiles, Bus, Truck & LCV manufacturing plant was facing Seam welding equipment malfunction of bad welding quality due to excess deposit along the line of the welding. Problem occurred after installation of variable frequency drives at various sections of the plant. Supplied one 1300A Tuned harmonic filter at the main transformer LT PCC supplying the welding machine section and solved the problem.
Bajaj auto, throu' L&T

Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 1998

Two wheeler manufacturing plant desired to have a harmonic audit done. Harmonic audit done and report submitted.
DCM DAEWOO, throu' Saha Sprague

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 1996

Automobile, passenger car manufacturing plant for harmonic distortion correction. Design consultancy done for 6.6kV passive harmonic filter.
Denso Kirloskar Ltd., Bengaluru

2002- 2017. Repeat jobs. Denso Kirloskar Ltd Bangalore

Passenger Car Common Heat Exchanger & car HVAC manufacturing plant. Facing thyristor and electronics card failures with its Thyristor controlled furnace. Again with it expanded capacity with active filter & STATCOM in 2015 started facing harmonic problems In 2002 installed tuned harmonic filters & resolved voltage fluctuation/sag tripping & thyristor failures with NBF Furnace. In 2015 undertook PQ harmonic analysis with expanded plant capacity and supplied harmonic filter for NBF Furnace & solved problem.
Auto ancillary
Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd

Gurgaon, Haryana, 1998

Auto ancillary plant wanted to have a harmonic study done. Harmonic study carried out and report submitted. Harmonic study.
Auto ancillary
Brakes India Limited

2014. Brakes India Limited, Nanjangud, Karnataka. Trouble shooting VFD drive card failure.

Automobile Brakes, seals and plastic compounding engineering polymer manufacturing plant of capacity Rubber brake component 700tpa, brake seals 12million PA and compounding plastic 2000tpa. Plant reported VFD card failures and voltage fluctuation tripping problems. Power quality analysis and harmonic study carried out.
Auto body
Diamond Bucket Industries

Mysure road, Bengaluru, 2015

Auto ancillary OEM industry for fabrication of bus and truck body components. Electrical design and consultancy for setting up the greenfield manufacturing plant with 750kVA 11kv/433v incoming power transformer, HT switch yard and designing the complete power distribution system.
Auto body
Omax Autos Ltd

Bengaluru, India, 2011

Two wheeler body component and parts manufacturing plant. Energy conservation and achieving energy savings. Comprehensive energy audit carried out, report submitted and most recommended solutions were implemented.