Metal Tubes
Tube Products of India Avadi, Chennai

2012 -2015, Repeat jobs.

Tube and CRCA Strips manufacturing plant. Capacity of 0.10 mta cold rolled strips of 0.3 to 6mm thick; And 0.60 mta tubes with 12mw power demand. Supplied Harmonic Filters, 830A, 480v for 4HI CRM, 300A, 415v 5th/7th tuned for Tube Mill and Draw Bench. 15% Energy Savings verified with harmonic filter installation at 4HI Mill.
Metal Integrated Steel Plant
Tata Iron & Steel Co Ltd Jamshedpur, thro' CPRI


Nissho Iwai, Nissin Electric Corp., and Hitachi Japan supplied 17mvar SVC System comprising of SVC Transformer of Z=51.3% Dd0-sec open thyristor controlled for reactance value control with 2HF-4.0mvar, 5HF-6.57mvar & 7HF-6.43mvar for Cold Roll Mill (CRM). 3rd party test, analysis & verification for PF, Flicker, Harmonic control for the SVC System with CRM load during its commissioning.
Metal Integrated Steel Plant
SAIL Alloy Steel Plant, thro' Rockwell Automation Durgapur

2013 West Bengal.

Billet Blooming Mill with 120mw CPP power plant coal fired, grid synchronized at 220kv. The BBM with 2x 25kva, 33kv/6.6kv transformers1,000TPD (each bloom about 4Ton). Power Systems Study for Rockwell supplied 12pulse Thyristor Converters for BBM.
Metal Integrated Steel Plant
Lloyd Steel Industries Ltd, Wardha

2004 -2010, Repeat jobs.

Electric Arc Furnace 2x60T, 40mva, 33/0.545kv transformer. HRM and Cold Rolled Mill (CRM). Twin 220kv grid incomer I/C with 3nos 80mva,220kv/33kv grid transformers synchronized with 85mw coal fired power plant. Power quality and harmonic analysis carried out and report with recommendations submitted.
Metal Integrated Steel Plant
Ispat Industries Ltd, Dolvi Maharashtra

2001 -2006, Repeat jobs.              



Electric Arc Furnace 2x 180 Ton, 150mva, 33kv/ 1120v transformer, 2x 2000A SF6 CB with Siemens, Germany make 2x 190mvar SVC with TCR, 50mvar 2HF, 30mvar 3HF, 30mvar 4HF, and 70mvar 5HF. Main I/C 4x155mva, 220/33kV, Ynynd1-tertiary for resistive earthing. Root cause analysis for chronic SVC reactors and capacitor failures. Upstream 5000TPM Blast Furnace and SIP and Downstream Hot rolled mill and DRI sponge iron plant. 3rd party testing.
Metal Integrated Steel Plant
Delta Steel Company, Nigeria

2005 -2006. Repeat jobs.


3sets of AC Electric Arc Furnace for steel melting with 3sets of 100mvar SVC TCR with 2HF, 3HF, 5HF & 7HF. ABB Switzerland supply during 1980 Recommissioning of SVC and Harmonic Filter System
Metal Steel Ropes
Usha Martin, Ranchi Jharkhand

2012- 13, Repeat jobs.

500TPD Wire mill and wire ropes. 50TPD bright bars and 7TPD conveyor chord. 2nos 10mw CPP power plant. Root cause analysis of frequent PLC/ MMI/ VFD/DC drive tripping and failures including SQIM/ SRIM/ DCM and bearing. 12% Energy Savings verified with harmonic filter installation. Debottlenecked capacity limitation and enhancesproduction. Eliminated all failures. Supplied 3425A and 2375A harmonic filters.
Metal IF/RM
V.V.Iron & Steel, Tuticorin

2013, Tamil Nadu


12ton, 4mw Induction Furnace and Ingot mold plant at energy efficiency SEC of 800kwh/Ton steel melting Harmonic and troubleshooting study for root cause analysis
Metal IF/RM
Shri Mahavir Ferro Alloys Ltd, Rourkela


DRI Sponge Iron Plant, 3nos each 4.5mw, 12Ton Induction Furnace, 5.5kva, 11kv/2x1kv, Dd0y11, transformer and Con Cast Power Plant 12.5mw, 11kv Grid Synchronized with a 12.5MVA, 33/11kv grid transformer.
Metal IF/RM
Scan Steels Limited, Rourkela


SIP Sponge iron plant, 3nos 12ton Induction furnace each with 4.5mw, 4.75kva 11kv/2x1.0kv, Dd0yn11 transformers and Con Cast plant. Harmonic Audit with the upstream 8mw,11kv power plant synchronized with Grid through a 10mva, 33/11kv grid transformer.
Metal IF/RM
R.S. Steel, Chittagong, Bangladesh

1998 thro' KEC,

Induction furnace and Rolling Mill Harmonic Filter (11kV) design consultancy for 2nos 8mva Transformers and 1no DG in Parallel Run with the Grid Supply.
Metal IF/RM
Pushpit Steels Pvt Ltd, Srikalahasti

2015, Tirupati

Induction Furnace 2nos 14Ton 12mw, 11kv Power Plant Harmonic and troubleshooting study for root cause analysis. of frequent power plant voltage fluctuations, AVR failures and tripping.