Metal IF/RM
Pulkitt Steel Rolling Mills, Pondicherry

2010 -12, Repeat jobs.

300TPD TMT 8-36mm bar Rolling Mills. Maximum demand 3000KVA. Energy Efficiency SEC 116kWh/Ton for TMT bar rolling mill. Harmonic and troubleshooting study for root cause analysis
Metal IF/RM
OPG Metals, Mailaduthurai

2012, TN

3x 15Ton Induction Furnace and Billet Mill. 15mw Power plant. Energy efficiency SEC =730kwh/Ton steel melting shop. Harmonic study carried out and report submitted.
Metal IF/RM
MS Agarwal Foundries Pvt. Ltd., Medak

2015, MS Agarwal plant capacity is 40Ton IF and 300TPD TMT Bar rolling mill.

Induction furnace 25 and 15Ton with TMT 8-32mm bar rolling mill. Root cause analysis of frequent failures of 24pulse, 2x 6000kva, Dy11d0, Dd+15d-15 11kv/0.575kv. 25Ton Induction Furnace Transformer
Metal IF/RM
Mohan Steels, Kanpur

1997, UP

Induction furnace and TMT bar rolling mill Harmonic study carried out and report submitted.
Metal IF/RM
Hans Metals Ltd. Hamirpur

1997, UP

Induction Furnace and TMT bar Rolling Mill plant. Root cause analysis for electrical and motor failures
Metal IF/RM
Devashree Ispat, Shadnagar

2015-16, Repeat jobs.

Induction furnace 25 and 12ton. 22TPH rolling mill 8-32mm TMT bars. Root cause analysis study for 18mva, 33kv/1050- 1050v Star-Delta induction furnace (25ton) Thyristor and Fuse blasting problem at over 2mva loading in the furnace.
Metal IF/RM
Chamundi Steel, Hosur

2012 at Chamundi Steel Hosur in Tamil Nadu

8ton Induction Furnace and TMT bar Rolling Mill plant. Harmonic study carried out and report submitted.
Metal EAF
Puja Ferro Alloys Ltd. Goa

2004 -2009 Repeat job.

5.5MVA, 33/0.150kv transformer for submerged electrical arc furnace for manufacturing Ferro Alloy. Installed 1.8mvar, 33kv harmonic filter for troubleshooting transformer HV winding insulation failures due to power system harmonic resonance.
Metal EAF
Gajanan Ferro, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

2012, Repeat jobs. 


Submerged electric arc furnace 6mva, 33/0.150kv for Pig Iron manufacturing. Installed 33kv, 3.8mvar tuned harmonic filter and solved 24kA bus bar failures- heating/noise/vibrations/ worn-out due to power system harmonic resonance. Troubleshooting electrical harmonics and resonance failures by installing 33kv passive harmonic filter
Metal Integrated Steel Plant
Vandana Global Ltd, Raipur


41mw (33 and 8mw) co-generation power plant, 4nos 12ton Induction Furnaces and SMS, 160ton submerged electric arc furnace for ferro alloys. 700tpd SIP sponge iron and Pellet plant. 35tph TMT-8-32mm/WRM-5.5mm plant. Troubleshooting analysis carried out for 41mw power plant tripping and blackout issues and frequent electrical and electronic failures with IF, Ferro Alloy, SIP and Pellet and wire rod mill sections.
Metal Integrated Steel Plant
Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd. Raipur

2013- 2016 at Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd Raipur

96mw (3nos 32mw) co-generation Power Plant, 4sets 15ton 7.2mva Induction Furnaces. 5sets 9mva submerged electric arc furnaces, 250tpa sponge iron plant. 10mva, 30tph wire rod mills. 250tps pellet plant. Troubleshooting analysis for 3x32mw power plant tripping and blackout issues. Root cause analysis for mis-rolling in the wire rod mill at high rolling speed.
Metal IF/RM
Hi-Tech power and steel, Raipur

2013, Chhattisgarh

10mw Co Generation power plant and 30ton induction furnace and TMT bar rolling mill. Troubleshooting analysis for the hunting and tripping of 10mw power plant. Solution directions provided. Supplied Energy Analyser