Ispat Industries Ltd, Dolvi Maharashtra

2001 -2006, Repeat jobs.              



Electric Arc Furnace 2x 180 Ton, 150mva, 33kv/ 1120v transformer, 2x 2000A SF6 CB with Siemens, Germany make 2x 190mvar SVC with TCR, 50mvar 2HF, 30mvar 3HF, 30mvar 4HF, and 70mvar 5HF. Main I/C 4x155mva, 220/33kV, Ynynd1-tertiary for resistive earthing.
Root cause analysis for chronic SVC reactors and capacitor failures. Upstream 5000TPM Blast Furnace and SIP and Downstream Hot rolled mill and DRI sponge iron plant. 3rd party testing.