Total Harmonic Distortion

Total Harmonic Distortion

Harmonic Distortion Filter

The Harmonic Distortion Filter is not a mass manufacturing process. It's a custom design engineering process for the manufacturers of power quality filter.

1.    Limit both THDv (Total Voltage Harmonic Distortions) and THDi (Total Current Harmonic distortions) and reconstruct distorted waveform back into Sine Wave, as shown in the caption picture above, a technology that improves and transforms the fuel guzzling, bad power quality dirty power into Clean Quality Power.

2.    Enhance quality of finished products since torque vibrations across plant and machineries get eliminated. Slash quality check rejections for final products. Eliminate equipment tripping and failures, slashing down mean time between failures (MTBF). Enhance plant's 3P, Power, Productivity, and Profitability.

3.    Debottleneck equipment capacity limitation with Non-Linear-Loads, allowing increased Load Factor up to rated capacity, sustainably for all equipment from captive power plants (TG or DG), transformers, switchgears, ac/dc drives, ac motors-SQIM/SRIM, dc motors to cables and terminations. Reduce equipment sizing substantially, slashing both project investment costs and running energy bills.   

4.    Eliminate equipment maloperation across all industrial, commercial and building operations. For example, it eliminates building elevator uneven floor landing with the landing floor, and in-addition its erratic operations.

5.    Eliminate tripping in plant equipment, drives, and process loads due to voltage fluctuations/ sags that originate from either external grid source or internal power system.

6.    Eliminate building's electrical fire risk due to excessive third harmonic current (also called zero sequence harmonic current) which add up to neutral, and any infirmness in neutral is a very serious fire hazard.  

7.    Eliminate overheating in equipment, drives, process loads, cables, and terminations.

8.    Eliminate failures with plant and machineries.       

9.    Automatically maintain unity PF eliminating the need for a separate capacitor panel, which with nonlinear loads magnify harmonics and further complicate the harmonic problem.

10.    Lower equipment footprint allows space savings. Lower carbon footprint reduces global warming effect. Slash down both with equipment maintenance and AMC costs.