Computer server tripping and failure

We thank you for your inquiry and the opportunity in making Encon Power Quality Harmonic Study vis-à-vis Tuned Harmonic Filter (THF), as the most valued brand in today's world-market; an inveterate canon-of-erudition, diligently achieved from over 500-projects encompassing with over 350-clients across the length and breadth of India and worldwide.

Our "out-of-the-box" solution of engineering infrastructure project design is time tested across all industrial segments that including data-centers, metal, cement, tyres, textiles, utilities, and mission critical projects as well as to acquiesce to electrical fire safety.  We pride in, our most valued asset, as the smile of satisfaction from over 300-clients across globe for enhancing their plant's 3P, Power, Productivity, Profitability, and troubleshooting equipment maloperation, tripping & failure issues involving and mitigation achieved:

With Encon, you are 100% sure about the success of your project and mitigation of majority of all the reported problems, issues, and failures, on a sustainable basis, and in-addition achieving Energy Savings.


a) Biomedical - Computerized Diagnosys and Monitoring equipment i) Electronic cards fail with hospital's biomedical system's motherboard, monitor, hard-disk, smps power supply cards with ICU Patient monitor, Dialysis equipment, Cardiac-ACT machine, Blood bank defreezer, Minimum-invasive-surgery m/c etc. ii) Even the major controller card fails with X-ray, MRI, CT-Scan and Cathlab equipment.

b) Computer and Server: It trips and reboots. Electronics card fails with motherboards, monitors, hard disks and with smps- power supply card. 

c) SCADA/ Computerized System in manufacturing industry: Harmonic solution eliminate failure with SCADA system motherboard, hard disk, smps- power supply cards, HMI and monitor failure,

d) SCADA/ DCS Malfunction in Power Generation: It leads to power plant tripping, black-out or synchronization rejection. 

e) Lighting: Component failure happens with LED lamp and LED light driver with increased harmonics.

f) Power Quality Problem like i) Elevator/Lift uneven-floor-landing, Lift doors get stuck and malfunction as the elevator and escalator's control system get affected with harmonic problem. It Leads to its erratic operation.

g) Solve Arc-flash, pitting, noise and vibration with bus bar, switch gear, panel and cable-lug. Reduce Temperature rise.