Power System Optimization through TPM method

Power System Optimization through Total Power Management

Total Power Management: Business dynamics many a times necessitate reexamination of existing power distribution system for a retrofit modification or upgradation on merits.
1.    Retrofit, upgradation or expansion that need major equipment addition or modification
2.    Installing co-generation or self-generation power plant.
3.    Reducing cost and enhancing profitability through resource optimization through Total Power Management (TPM) concept

Conventional engineering design approaches with standard data gathering and extrapolation method that invariably leads to a lower Load Factor design that not only creates an energy guzzling infrastructure but increases initial project investment cost and equipment footprint. It's no surprise, worldwide, that most plants, be it a no.1/ no.2 company or a medium sized company, run with Load Factors those even dip below 40%.  
Encon "Smart solutions" encompass Total Power Management technique that integrates all energy components as like seeing a complete elephant. It uplifts and optimizes your power distribution system, sustainably, and effortlessly, at a much higher Load Factor operation. Encon TPM technique has enhanced production capacity by up to 30% for several hundred factories/facilities across the globe with a matching increase in energy efficiency by up to 15%, It eliminated stage wise product quality rejections by up to 50% on a Sig Sigma scale. It slashed energy bills and maintenance costs by enhancing equipment MTBF.