Triplen Harmonic Filter | Neutral Current & Unbalance Eliminator

Triplen Harmonic Filter - Neutral Current & Unbalance Eliminator

Triplen Harmonic Filter improves building's Electrical Fire Safety.

Triplen Harmonic Filter eliminates high-frequency neutral current & unbalance a concern for engineers & building designers to achieve electrical fire safety. We Help you in eliminating Building's Electrical Fire Risk, a Floor by Floor and Section by Section, risk elimination strategy

Electrical Fire risk - for Modern Buildings: Almost regularly we read in newspaper about electric fire incident happening at some building or other. What is also certain at every fire incident is the reporting in press describing it as an "electrical short circuit fire". That apart, many a fire incident occurs, some small, and some not so-big which escape our notice and are not reported by the press, and mostly get confined with the documentations of electrical engineers and consultants.   

How, and why does a serious incident of electrical fire ignition takes place inside a building right at the first place? OK! Let's look at it in an objective way. With what kind of a building and/or people's lifestyle does it happen more often? Barring a few obvious incidents, the finger almost always points towards the most advanced and sophisticated buildings who employ the best of consultants and install the best of electrical protections that almost certainly rule-out the obvious oversight like the risk of a short circuit fire.

Is it possible to engineer and wire a sophisticated building making it intrinsically fire safe?  The answer is more than Yes. Encon triplen harmonic filter helps in eliminating electrical fire risk from a multistory building, floor by floor and section by section.  

How Triplen Harmonics get generated? With ever-increasing introduction of Computers and Servers at UPS output circuits, LED Lamps, Electronic Chokes, and SMPS power supplies from myriads of Electronic Gadgets of everyday use; triplen harmonics are ever increasing at every modern building like never before. These harmonics pose a very serious fire risk for today's modern buildings, as they do not get cancelled at neutral but get added and TRIPLE (becomes 3 times) at each Neutral junction. This is precisely the reason, neutral current, many a times exceeds the phase current.

Modern building employs a labyrinth of cable networks that pass-through floors, risers/shafts, and ducts/trenches. IF TRIPLEN HARMONICS ARE NOT CONTAINED AT EVERY FLOOR LEVEL, they travel through the cable labyrinth and multiply freely. Unlike the phase current path, the neutral/ground path must be secured firmly always and infirmness is a very serious fire risk. Besides it's not suited for the high frequency Triplen harmonic current onslaught on a 24/7 basis.

Looking at many a horrific building fire incidents of recent times, those happened with sophisticated buildings who did everything that money could bring in but still got hit by the ELECTRICAL FIRE. We bring to you ENCON TRIPLEN HARMONIC FILTER - a product that comes out from extensive R&D. It's a tool that enables you to isolate and thus eliminate these dangerous Triplen harmonics and helps in eliminating electrical fire risk from your building. Harmonic current is a power that cause heating, and thus besides helping in eliminating electrical fire risk it would also effect good amount of energy savings, the extent of which would ironically depends upon the extent of your floor harmonics from Computers/ UPS/ LED/ Gadget.      

Triplen Harmonic Filter (many harmonics filter manufacturers also call them as Zero Sequence or Third harmonic filters): In a balanced 3-phase grounded wye system currents going into the neutral node get cancelled vectorially each being 120o out of phase. Neutral current remains ideally zero, except for some minor unbalance currents. However, these Triplen or odd multiple of 3rd harmonics, add-up and treble at neutral causing high zero sequence neutral current. Thus, they are also referred as Zero Sequence harmonic currents.    

Building's power distribution system conventionally use delta-star transformer. The delta winding connects to utility's transmission line which is a 3P3W system. The star winding connects to the user-end load which is a 3P4W system. The THREE TIMES, triplen neutral harmonic currents from nonlinear loads enter transformer secondary star-winding through neutral and then flow back to load through individual R, Y and B phases, as shown in the caption picture above. Transformer Secondary Star winding provides ampere-turn balance to its Primary Delta winding, and thus the triplen harmonics get transferred to primary delta winding wherein it get trapped, circulate continuously, and dissipate as heat and energy losses.